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Franklin Mountains State Park



Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Interpretive Island

3-D Map with lighted locations

Audio Stations


Touchable Objects

Franklin Mountains State Park (FMSP) offers visitors the opportunity to explore high desert mountains along 100 miles of trails. At 40 square miles, FMSP is the largest urban park in the United States. In 2018-2019 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department built a new visitor center for the park. HWE planned, designed, and constructed exhibits that showcase the diversity of the park’s natural and cultural resources. The principal constructed element was a large multi-faceted island with angled walls and boulders inspired by the Franklin Mountains. We used images and content provided by TPWD to design the interpretive graphics and create custom illustrations. All content was presented in Spanish and English. We worked with a model-maker to produce a 3-D model of the park. A suite of interactive exhibits including an audio station, push button lights to annotate the 3-D map, flip-ups, spinners, tactile animal footprints, and replica projectile points were incorporated into the design. HWE installed the exhibits. 

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