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Jocassee Gorges Visitor Center 



Duke Energy Corporation


Graphic Panels


Custom Illustrations

Hands-on Interactives

The Jocassee Gorges Visitor Center is located at Keowee-Toxaway State Park, SC. Duke Energy, which operates the hydroelectrical plants located on the lakes, hired HW Exhibits to update the visitor center exhibits as part of a recent FERC relicensing. South Carolina Parks and Recreation, which manages the park, asked us to add information about Cherokee Indian cultural history and 20th century life in the region prior to the development of the hydro plants. We planned, designed, and installed new exhibits that combine existing exhibit components with new interpretive panels, hands-on activities, and decorative background panels. The HWE team undertook background research, wrote the exhibit content, designed the interpretive panels which included custom illustrations and unique maps. We worked with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to incorporate Cherokee words into the exhibit. 

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