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King-Tisdell Cottage



King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, Inc.



Interactive exhibits

Artifact displays

HW Exhibits developed new interpretive exhibits at the popular King-Tisdell Cottage in Savannah, Georgia. The exhibits follow the lives of the Kings and the Tisdells, two African American families who owned the house in the early 20th century and were part of Savannah’s new Black middle class. The new exhibits also explore the larger issue of historic preservation in the African American community. When the house was scheduled for demolition in the early 1970s, local historian and civil rights pioneer Mr. W. W. Law successfully championed the preservation of the cottage. Our exhibits share his inspiring story through interpretive panels, reader rails, hands-on activities, a large touchscreen map of the community, and unique artifact displays. All of these items are designed to preserve the historic integrity of the cottage.