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Temple Sinai Jewish History Center



Temple Sinai + Sumter County Museum


Exhibit Plan


Custom Illustrations

Graphic Panels

Custom Casework

Hands-on Interactives

Temple Sinai was built in Sumter, SC in 1913 and was a thriving synagogue throughout most of the 20th century. In the early 2000s, members recognized that their congregation was declining and decided to secure the future of their historic building by partnering with Sumter County Museum to turn the synagogue and fellowship hall into a museum. In 2016 we developed an exhibit plan to transform their meeting hall into a museum about South Carolina Jewish history, the history of the congregation, and the architecture of the building. In 2017 HWE implemented our plan. We wrote and/or edited exhibit content, and designed, constructed, and installed the new exhibits. A significant portion of the exhibit is dedicated to presenting the Holocaust and sharing the story of a member of the congregation who survived internment in a Nazi death camp. We worked with experts to ensure this difficult story was told in an approachable and respectful manner. 

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