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Walterboro Wildlife Center



City of Walterboro


Exhibit Plan


Custom Illustrations

Graphic Panels

Custom Casework

Hands-on Interactives

Built-in Animal Tanks

The Walterboro Wildlife Center provides interpretation and living examples from the nearby Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary, an 800-acre wetland and public park.

The centerpiece of the exhibit space is a realistic scenic display of Cypress tree and plant life along with a live alligator tank. Surrounding exhibits include a bird wall and reader rails which illuminate the ecology and highlight local features of the sanctuary. Built-in wall tanks display a variety of reptile, amphibian and fish species commonly found in the wetlands including snakes, turtles, salamanders, frogs and sunfish.

Our design approach combined bright colors with fun facts meant to inspire visitors to go visit the sanctuary and appreciate its value to the community.

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